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MediaWiki User Guide/Templates

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MediaWiki API help

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Proposal:Implement OAuth for MediaWiki (and employ in Wikimedia)

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Application programming interface MediaWiki has an extensible web API (application programming interface) that provides direct, high-level access to the data contained in the MediaWiki databases. Client programs can use the API to.

MediaWiki API help

Aug 31,  · Retrieved from "unavocenorthernalabama.com?title=Template:API&oldid=". Export/Import the LUA modules used by the (meta)templates you want to use and import them in your MediaWiki. Export/Import the Wikipedia templates you want to use, together with all the required metatemplates, and import them in your MediaWiki.

Nov 07,  · The action=query module allows you to get information about a wiki and the data stored in it, such as the wikitext of a particular page, the links and categories of a set of pages, or the token you need to change wiki content.

***** ** ** ** This is an auto-generated MediaWiki API documentation page. For example, to see only minor edits done by logged-in users, set show=minor|!anon Values (separate with '|'): minor,!minor, bot,!bot, anon,!anon, patrolled,!patrolled wlowner - The name of the user whose watchlist you'd like to access wltoken - Give a security token (settable in preferences) to allow access to another user's watchlist.

Write api mediawiki templates
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