Ukmt intermediate maths challenge papers

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Mathematical Challenges (UKMT)

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UKMT Mathematics Challenge Online Quiz

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How do I take part?. Senior Mathematical Challenge. Past Exam Papers & Solutions. Question paper: Solution: 2: Question paper: Solution: 1: Question paper: Solution. On this page you will find a collection of problems adapted from the UKMT Mathematical Challenges. Bronze Taken from questions 1 to 8 on the original Maths Challenge Papers Intermediate and Senior Mathematical Challenge problems.

However, they have not been labelled as such, and hence can be used by students of all ages to challenge. The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) is a charity founded in to help with the education of children in mathematics within the UK.

The Intermediate Challenge is aimed at students in Year 11 or below (England and Wales), S4 or below (Scotland) and Year 12 or below (Northern Ireland).

If your school has not received your papers a week before the Challenge date, Olympiad Training Camps and other work of the UKMT. What happens after the challenge?

Party game

Latest news. Download a printable Certificate of Participation (PDF) for your students (double-sided; two per A4 page); Intermediate Mathematical Challenge award and qualification thresholds (out of ): Bronze: ; Silver: This is an index page for electronic versions of challenge questions and solutions.

It was decided that to widen usage, there would be no (direct) indication as to which paper (i.e. Junior, Intermediate or Senior) a question is from. Don't forget to look at the Extended Solutions on the UKMT Home Page.

Junior Intermediate Senior link.

Ukmt intermediate maths challenge papers
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