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Best guillotine paper cutter 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

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Balance 6 Swing the blade in an arc against the food. I purchased the Swingline ClassicCut 15 inch guillotine paper trimmer from Amazon in July for use in my home-based business of personalized note cards and greeting cards.

Guillotine cutters can cut different types of materials including paper, plastic, poster board, mat board, foam mounting board, plastic, film, negatives, tissue, and textiles.

They are ideal for schools to trim artwork, cut paper, create booklets, and more. Dahle Guillotines. Guillotines or lever style cutters make easy work of cutting 15 sheets or more of paper at a time.

Paper cutter

Dahle Guillotine blades will not fly up or drop down and use either a finger guard or rotary safety shield to prevent injury. I purchased the Swingline ClassicCut 15 inch guillotine paper trimmer from Amazon in July for use in my home-based business of personalized note cards and greeting cards.

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