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Teaching Assistant Level 3

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NVQ Level 3 in Pharmacy Service Skills

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NVQ Level 3 Certificate in Health and Safety

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NVQ Electrical Installation Unit Maintain a healthy and safe working environment The Electrical Installationl NVQ is a qualification designed primarily for existing or new entrants to the Electrical Installation and Maintenance Industry.

City & Guilds /03/04 Level 2/3/4 Diploma in Business Administration 5 Structure To achieve the Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration, learners must achieve 45 credits in total; 21credits from the mandatory units and a total of 24 credits from the optional units as follows: A minimum of 14 credits from group A optional units.

A maximum of 10 credits from group B optional units. Unit Principles for implementing duty of care in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings. To have a duty of care means to take responsibility for the service you provide.

It means that you willingly accept legal responsibility for the safeguarding and well being of. Remember, this is just an example for your NVQ 3 Electrical, you are advised to consult with your assessor to determine the exact types of evidence they require.

Unit Performance Objective No 1: You obtain clear and detailed information about the faults including the system specification relating to the electrotechnical systems and equipment.

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