Netscape application server

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Netscape Application Server

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To prevent this, set the domainname variable in the shell before the product is installed. Jul 25,  · Netscape Application Server topic. Netscape Application Server was an integrated software platform for developing and running transaction-oriented business applications on the web.

It was developed originally by Kiva Software, which Netscape acquired in The Netscape Application Server SP1 provides a higher performance, more responsive platform for implementing Java servlet-based applications than Green.

The NAS feature set lets you implement high-availability, e-commerce applications without sacrificing performance. Netscape Application Server A Web-based application server from the Sun-Netscape Alliance that supports C, C++ and Java applications, Java servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSPs) and Enterprise JavaBeans.

May 24, -- As expected, the Sun-Netscape Alliance -- formed in March by America Online Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. -- today detailed their plans to merge the Netscape Communications Corp. Application Server and Sun NetDynamics application server software into a single, unified solution. Jan 24,  · Hi All, I am working on Netscape application server and using Iplanet BillerEx api for managing the user and biller information.

Netscape Application Server

I am working on Netscape application server and using Iplanet BillerEx api for managing the user and biller information.

Netscape application server
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Netscape Application Server Performance