Leon battista alberti

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Leon Battista Alberti Facts

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Leon Battista Alberti

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He received a degree in short law prior toand it is being that after earning his introductory in Bologna he went to Find. Leon Battista Alberti, one of the most intelligent and original architects of the 15th century, also dedicated a treatise, Della famiglia (–44; “On the Family”), to methods of education.

Alberti felt that the natural place for education was the home and not scholastic institutions. Leon Battista Alberti has 78 books on Goodreads with ratings.

Leon Battista Alberti’s most popular book is On Painting. Leon Battista Alberti () was an Italian writer, humanist, and architect. Through his theoretical writings on painting, sculpture, and architecture, he raised them from the level of the mechanical arts to that of the liberal arts.

Leon Battista Alberti was born February 14,in Genoa, Italy, one of two illegitimate sons of a wealthy Florentine merchant, Lorenzo Alberti. Leon's mother, Bianca Fieschi, was a Bolognese widow who died during an outbreak of bubonic plague.

Basilica of Sant'Andrea, Mantua

Leon Battista Alberti was born an illegitimate, but nonetheless recognized, son of one of the most high-ranking and wealthiest Florentine families. He received a comprehensive education, and obtained his doctorate in law at the age of just 24 in Bologna, which at the time was one of the most famous universities in Italy.

Leon Battista's mother, Bianca Fieschi, was a Bolognese widow who died during an outbreak of bubonic plague. Like many other families, the Albertis had been expelled from their native city, Florence, by the republican government, run by the Albizzis.

Leon battista alberti
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