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What is Educational Travel?

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On educational tours, students are able and energized.


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A good understanding of the purpose of educational tour helps you design the best packages for students. Here's an overview of the purpose of these trips. Discover the traditions, spirit, and soul of the Chinatown-International District, a unique Seattle neighborhood located steps away from downtown Seattle.

Educational Tours, Inc. is a student group tour operator dedicated to delivering powerful educational experiences with worry-free travel in the U.S. and internationally.

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With over years of collective travel planning experience, we take the guesswork out of trip planning and put all. The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a non-profit mobile recording studio dedicated to the providing students of all ages with free hands-on opportunities to make music and produce video projects.

The premium educational tour operator of student tours to China, we dedicate exclusively to operating high quality school trips and China study tours. Escape the hustle and join us to discover the magic of rural Bali on our famous full day Bali Eco Educational Cycling Tour, suitable for all ages.

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