Cool ways to write a cursive t

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by Alison Moore Smith.

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on November 30, Because I see more benefit to those ways of spending the 20 minutes (particularly that foot rubbing thing) than doing cursive. If you can print faster and more easily than you can write cursive you don’t have a practiced hand and probably were tortured in school with it.

Cursive writing is often considered more aesthetically pleasing than print writing. Learning to write a capital "T" in cursive is useful for many reasons.

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A cursive T can add flair to your signature if one of your names begins with the letter, and it can be used to stitch your monogram onto items such as handkerchiefs and napkins. Louisiana state senator Beth Mizell introduced the cursive bill at a constituent’s suggestion after he told her that the high school students he hired for summer jobs couldn’t read old.

Why I Don’t Teach Cursive

Jan 30,  · I think teachers should teach cursive to students because it looks really pretty when you write in cursive and some times you might have to write in cursive for some thing important and if you don't know how to write in cursive you won't be able to write it.

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wtf kids aren't learning cursive these days?

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Cool ways to write a cursive t
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