Contract agency law

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7 U.S. Code § 1a - Definitions

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Law of agency

Delegating your legal authority is called “agency”. A principal gives her authority (rights) to an agent. Qui facit per alium facit per se: he who acts through another acts himself. The proposed agent must accept the principal's offer to act as an agent; that's the agency contract and it gets the ball rollling in terms of the agent being "out there" representing the principal, as if she.

The law of agency is an area of commercial law dealing with a set of contractual, quasi-contractual and non-contractual fiduciary relationships that involve a person, called the agent, that is authorized to act on behalf of another (called the principal) to create legal relations with a third party.

For the current version, see: U.C.C. - ARTICLE 2 - SALES () Note: The UCC withdrew the amendments to Article 2. This version is preserved for historical purposes only PART 1. SHORT TITLE, GENERAL CONSTRUCTION AND SUBJECT MATTER [Table of Contents] § Short Title.

This Article shall be known and may be cited as Uniform Commercial Code-Sales. Agency Law. Delegating your legal authority is called “agency”. A principal gives her authority Mentally incompetent persons cannot contract agency. Minors can be agent (!) and his actions – although a minor – if within the scope of authority, will fully bind the principal.

When a minor is a principal, Infant Act contract voiding. In a contract of agency principal delegates his/her authority to the agent to do the things on his/her behalf.

In fact, contract of agency starts after principal appoints the agent along with a delegation of authority. Contractual capacity: Both principal and agent should be competent in the eye of law.

Contract agency law
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