Cdwrite ansys command

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Writing Text files with *VWRITE

Observation — Write only end and nodal geometry data. Oct 05,  · Yes. Workbench can read a MAPDL archived coded database file (cdb file).

FE Modeler Part 2: Converting a Mesh to Geometry

A cdb file can be written from within MAPDL using the CDWRITE command. Using the CDWRITE Command To export a model from the ANSYS program to another application, use menu path Main Menu>Preprocessor>Archive Model>Write or the CDWRITE command within the general preprocessor, PREP7.

The CDWRITE command writes the PART information for any ANSYS LS-DYNA input file to the file using the EDPREAD command.

ANSYS Commands Manual Topic Index

(EDPREAD is not an ANSYS documented command, it is written only when the CDWRITE command is issued.). The CDWRITE command of ANSYS is used in /PREP7 to generate the CDB file.

Arguments are set to generate the mesh, without the geometry data, for example: CDWRITE, Option, Fname, Ext, -- Fnamei, Exti, Fmat Writes geometry and load database items to a file. Note: Files created by the CDWRITE command have the active coordinate system set to Cartesian (CSYS, 0).

Importing Mechanical APDL model into ANSYS Workbench

ANSYS may create parameters in the CDWRITE file that start with an underscore (_), usually an “_z.” Such parameters are for ANSYS internal use and pass information to the ANSYS GUI. If this file is lost or corrupted, you can write a command log file for the current ANSYS database using the LGWRITE command (Utility Menu>File>Write DB Log File).

See the ANSYS Operations Guide for more information on using LGWRITE.

Cdwrite ansys command
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