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507 U.S. 761 - Edenfield v. Fane

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Case Scott Fane, CPA Instructional Objectives 1.

Contemporary Auditing : Real Issues and Cases by Michael C. Knapp (2008, Paperback)

To examine recent controversies stemming from previous ethical rules that allegedly infringed on CPAs’ First Amendment rights to freedom of (commercial) speech.

2. To consider the impact that a profession’s ethical code has on new and potential members of that profession.

3. Fane is a certified public accountant ("CPA") who is certified in New Jersey and Florida. In the mid's, he moved to Florida to set up an accounting practice, and sought to solicit business via in-person contacts with businesses.

See Affidavit of Scott Fane §§10(A), App.In general, the prospective client has an existing professional relation with an accountant, and so has an independent basis for evaluating the claims of a new CPA seeking professional work.

Id., §. Scott Fane CPA, Miami, FL. 56 likes. Quality small business and individual accounting at competitive prices.5/5(1).

FRED H. EDENFIELD, et al. v. SCOTT FANE, 507 U.S. 761 (1993)

Scott Fane was a CPA licensed to practice In New Jersey and Florida. He built his New Jersy practice by making unsolicited phone calls to executives. When he moved to Florida, the Board of Accountancy there prohibited him (and all CPAs) from personally soliciting new business.

3 In New Jersey, Fane used direct solicitation to pursue potential clients, but Florida’s state board banned direct solicitation by CPAs 4 Scott Fane, CPA, moved to Florida from New Jersey in because he hoped that Florida’s healthy economy would allow him to develop a successful accounting.

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